Responding to the Challenges of Teaching Computer Ethics

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This is a panel discussion about the challenges of teaching computer ethics in four different colleges/universities and the problems inherent in different educational environments: size of school, size of class, support as a stand-alone course within the department, across the curriculum, and as a mixed major course. It will also address interactive pedagogic techniques, use of web-based tools and writing across the curriculum. We intend this to be an interactive panel with short presentations by each and then an open discussion with the members of the audience to address their questions and particular problems. The references reflect the expertise of the panelists.


Panel discussion held at SIGCSE’04: Proceedings of the 35th SIGSCE technical symposium on computer science education, March 3–7, 2004, Norfolk, Virginia.

Also published in ACM SIGCSE Bulletin Volume 36 Issue 1, March 2004, pages 280-281.