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Focusing on prime-time dramatic television as the most prevalent source of fictional images of violence, crime, and incarceration, in this chapter I address the distorted narratives and images that saturate popular television dramas. I also draw upon interviews I conducted with ex-prisoners to show how media representations of imprisonment, though inaccurate and misleading, shape the perceptions even of those who have themselves been incarcerated.


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Yousman, B. (2013). Challenging the media-incarceration complex through media education. In S.J. Harnett, E. Novek, & J.K. Wood (Eds.), Working for justice: a handbook of prison education and activism (pp. 141-159). Urbana: University of Illinois Press.

ISBN 9780252037702 (hardcover); 9780252079221 (paper); 9780252094965 (ebook)