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What is the experience of interprofessional collaboration as a nursing, occupational, or physical therapy health care student taking part in a weeklong service-learning experience? Interprofessional collaboration among health care professionals yields improved patient outcomes, yet many students in health care programs have limited exposure to interprofessional collaboration in the classroom and in clinical and service-learning experiences. This practice gap implies that students enter their professions without valuing interprofessional collaboration and the impact it has on promoting positive patient outcomes.

The aim of this study was to describe the interprofessional experiences of students in health care professional programs as they collaborated to provide health care to Guatemalan citizens over a 7-day period.


Published: Fries, Kathleen S. et al. "Service Learning in Guatemala: Using Qualitative Content Analysis to Explore an Interdisciplinary Learning Experience Among Students in Health Care Professional Programs." Journal of Multidisciplinary Healthcare 6 (2013 8 Feb.): 45-52.

PMID: 23430865