Assessment of a Novel Tool for Identifying Hospitalized Patients with Heart Failure at Risk for 30-Day Readmission, High Cost, and Longer Length of Stay

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PeraTrend's™ Rothman Index (RI) score could be useful to prospectively identify patients with heart failure at risk for extended hospitalization, high cost, and 30-day readmission. This is the first study done to assess the RI's usefulness specifically with the heart failure population.


Professors Karen Banoff and Kerry Milner teach in the College of Nursing at Sacred Heart University. Professor Anna Greer teaches in the Exercise Science programs at Sacred Heart University.

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Banoff, K.M, Milner, K.A., & Greer, A.E. (2016). Assessment of a novel tool for identifying hospitalized patients with heart failure at risk for 30-day readmission, high cost, and longer length of stay. Nursing Economic$, 34(4), 172-181.