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Concept maps are visual depictions of information, generally in diagram form, that are used to enhance and document learning (Novak, 1990; Whiteley, 2005). As a learning tool, concept maps have been used for many years in the fields of education and nursing (Novak, 1990; Schuster, 2002). The methods and uses of concept mapping have evolved in the areas of academic education, clinical education, and research since the 1970s (All & Havens, 1997; Novak, 1990; Schuster, 2002; Whiteley, 2005). This article discusses the use of concept mapping in occupational therapy education.


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Miller-Kuhaneck, Heather, Bortone, Joanne M., Frost, Lenore. "Concept Mapping 101." American Occupational Therapy Association's Education Special Interest Section Quarterly 17.2 (2007): 1-4.