Joint Structure and Function: A Comprehensive Analysis

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Physical Therapy


Table of contents:

Biomechanical applications to joint structure and function / Samuel R. Ward -- Joint structure and function / Sandra Curwin -- Muscle structure and function / Gary Chleboun -- The vertebral column / Diane Dalton -- The thorax and chest wall / Julie Starr, Diane Dalton -- The temporomandibular joint / Pamela D. Ritzline -- The shoulder complex / Paula M. Ludewig, John D. Borstad -- The elbow complex / Cynthia C. Norkin -- The wrist and hand complex / Noelle M. Austin -- The hip complex / RobRoy L. Martin, Ben Kivlan -- The knee / Erin Hartigan, Michael Lewek, Lynn Snyder-Macker -- The ankle and foot complex / RobRoy L. Martin -- Posture / Cynthia C. Norkin -- Gait / Sandra J. Olney, Janice Eng.


ISBN: 9780803623620