Cardiovascular Response to Laterally Directed Pressure Applied to the Cervical Spine

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Physical Therapy


The neurophysiologic system that modulates pain overlaps with blood pressure (BP) as observed in BP-related hypoalgesia. Cervical spine (CS) posterior pressure (AP) was shown to decrease systolic BP (SBP) while lateral glides (LAT) in the upper limb neurodynamic test (ULNT) position, LAT+ULNT, increased SBP. CS LAT appears effective for cervical radiculopathy. However, the cardiovascular response to LAT alone is unknown and many patients early on may only tolerate LAT but not LAT + ULNT.


At the time of publication, K. Wikfors, H. Powell, T. Smith, and S. Schipper were all graduate students in the Physical Therapy Department at Sacred Heart University.

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