Correlation of Head Impacts to Change in Balance Error Scoring System Scores in Division I Men's Lacrosse Players

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Peer-Reviewed Article

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Athletic Training


Background: Investigation into the effect of cumulative subconcussive head impacts has yielded various results in the literature, with many supporting a link to neurological deficits. Little research has been conducted on men's lacrosse and associated balance deficits from head impacts.

Conclusion: Changes in the total number of errors on a foam surface may be considered a sensitive measure to detect balance deficits associated with cumulative subconcussive head impacts sustained over the course of 1 lacrosse season, as measured by average linear acceleration, head injury criteria, and Gadd Severity Index scores. If there is microtrauma to the vestibular system due to repetitive subconcussive impacts, only an assessment that highly stresses the vestibular system may be able to detect these changes.


PMID: 28060567