Development of the Clinical Teaching Effectiveness Questionnaire in the United States

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Physical Therapy


The purpose of this study was to develop a single valid measure for assessing clinical teaching effectiveness within the field of physical therapy. Pilot testing with CIs from both universities were purposively sampled to complete the questionnaire. The CI databases yielded 1,001 potential respondents, recruited via e-mail. The questionnaire and two follow-up reminders were sent. Respondents consented by clicking a link which redirected them to the SurveyMonkey® questionnaire. Two hundred five CIs completed the questionnaire, a 20.5% response rate. The 205 respondents were mostly female (68.4%) with an average age of 40.54 years (SD=10.22). CI experience was distributed as follows: 1-5 years (19.1%), 6-10 years (47.4%), and 11+ years (33.5%).


Anna Greer is faculty in the Exercise Science programs at Sacred Heart University. Author Wormley and Romney teach in the Physical Therapy programs at Sacred Heart University.

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PMID: 28669146