Integrating Neurobehavioral Concepts Into Early Intervention Eligibility Evaluation

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Peer-Reviewed Article

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Physical Therapy


Most screening and evaluation instruments used in early intervention are limited in their ability to describe the complex, behavioral repertoire that newborn infants bring to the world. As a result, a traditional eligibility evaluation may not capture the unique behavioral strengths and needs of each infant. The integration of qualitative neurobehavioral observation into the initial eligibility evaluation enriches both the process and the results for parents and interventionists. By combining traditional evaluation tools with neurobehavioral observation, early interventionists can better meet the needs of parents in the early weeks following homecoming while also complying with the intent of the federal and state legal mandates.


Originally published:

Blanchard, Yvette, Mouradian, Laurie. "Integrating Neurobehavioral Concepts Into Early Intervention Eligibility Evaluation." Infants and Young Children 13.2 (2000): 41-50.