Resistance Circuit Training: Its Application for the Adult Population

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Peer-Reviewed Article

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Exercise Science


The purpose of this article is to focus on resistance circuit training (RCT) as a method of strength training for the adult population. Health-fitness adaptations gained from RCT include improved Vo2 max (maximal amount of oxygen consumption of the body during exercise) in certain cases, an increade in time to exhaustion, a decrease in resting blood pressure, increased muscular strength, and changes in circulating cholesterol and hormone concentrations. RCT may use a periodized or progressive program model in a condensed form to achieve health-fitness results by the certified personal trainer detailing long-term and short-term program plans.



Waller, Mike, Jason Miller, and James Hannon. "Resistance Circuit Training: Its Application for the Adult Population." Strength and Conditioning Journal 33.1 (Feb 2011): 16-22.