Effects of Treadmill Training on Gait in a Hemiparetic Patient

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Peer-Reviewed Article

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Physical Therapy


The use of a treadmill for medical testing has been long established. The treadmill has been used for assessing cardiovascular performance and for measuring problems of gait. The present study uses treadmill walking as a therapeutic measure for hemiparetic victims of stroke (individuals who have a one-sided paralysis subsequent to a hemorrhage of a brain vessel). The improvement of a single patient is followed in great detail, and the findings are presented as an indication that treadmill walking is a useful means of improving the gait of such patients. An accompanying commentary by a reviewer and rebuttal by the author discuss alternative explanations for the reported results. A major concern is the significance of a single patient experience


Originally published:

Waagfjord, Jonina, Pamela K. Levangie, Certo, Catherine M.E. "Effects of Treadmill Training on Gait in a Hemiparetic Patient." Physical Therapy 70.9 (1990): 549-560.