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Betsy is a telling case of the struggles and victories of a youngster who has grappled with a language learning disability for most of her 17 years. Her story is a fitting way to conclude this volume because she represents how a child with motivation and resilience can confront the educational and interpersonal obstacles she has experienced. Her story, which predates the passage of the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 and the 1997 Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, is a metaphor for the ongoing debates in theory and practice about the meanings of a learning disability versus a language disability. Her chronicle also illustrates the value of cross-disciplinary cooperation in the service of a child's language and literacy needs and crystallizes the research directions that evidence-based practices might take in melding together different research frames.


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Silliman, Elaine R., Wilkinson, Louise C., Danzak, Robin L. "Putting Humpty Dumpty Together Again: What's Right With Betsy." Language and Literacy Learning in School. Eds. Elaine R. Silliman and Louise C. Wilkinson. New York: Guilford Press, 2004. Print.

Copyright Guilford Press. Reprinted with permission of The Guilford Press.

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