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Purpose - This paper aims to present theoretical and empirical foundations for the use of a particular type of narrative skillfully deployed by senior leaders in an organization as an effective tool for creating, disseminating and executing corporate strategy. Design/methodology/approach - The paper presents original research on the effectiveness of the use of a "springboard story" as a leadership tool. Findings - Data are presented to substantiate that a "springboard story" presentation of corporate strategy and competitive advantage is more effective at producing a consistent and confident choice of competitive advantage among an audience than a presentation of corporate strategy using a PowerPoint style, bulleted list approach. Theoretical implications for leaders leading change, especially change in corporate strategy, are suggested. Originality/value - The paper explores the implications for the practical use of this type of narrative in strategy implementation and execution by leaders.


Published: Carriger, M. S. "Narrative approach to corporate strategy: Empirical foundations." Journal of Strategy and Management 4.4 (2011): 304-324.

At the time of publication Michael Carriger was affilliated with Trinity Washington University, Washington, D.C.