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Sacred Heart University has emphasised the use of service learning for over five years. Service Learning offers students opportunities to learn and develop through active participation in service experiences that are integrated into the academic curriculum. The work meets community needs and is directly linked to the content of the course. A Service Learning course includes reflection and analysis of the service experience. Two recent courses at Sacred Heart University incorporated environmentally focused service learning projects: one in biology and one in economics. This paper discusses the development and outcomes of these two projects: a park restoration project and a feasibility study for a local environmental organisation. In addition, the authors provide suggestions on how to incorporate environmentally focused Service Learning projects into a college curriculum on either a mandatory or optional basis.


Proceedings 1999, 5th Interdisciplinary Conference on the Environment, June 23-25, Baltimore, USA, edited by Kevin L. Hickey & Demetri Kantarelis.

Phyllis Machledt is the founding Director of Service Learning at Sacred Heart University.