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Unilever Home & Personal Care-North America (HPC-NA) not only takes marketing its products very seriously, but it heavily promotes its balanced scorecard to employees as well. No wonder Unilever HPC-NA successfully designed a unique strategy to communicate awareness of the BSC while encouraging its participation and use. Their experiences should prove valuable to other organizations implementing a balanced scorecard and to those just beginning to formulate a communications approach to internal stakeholders about its role, significance, and use. The Unilever HPC-NA marketing campaign provides an effective strategy that other firms may consider when marketing a balanced scorecard internally. The HPC-NA journey yielded some important lessons: 1. Select a few critical measures, and track them rigorously. 2. Remember to market the BSC. 3. Align BSC results with compensation to maximize use and effectiveness. 4. Know your audience in all communications vehicles. 5. Keep in mind there will be early adopters and stragglers, but persevere.