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4-24-2019 2:00 PM

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University Commons

As time goes on and generations pass by each other, both society and its needs develop. Therefore, we need to be constantly adapting to the change happening around us. The mirror is an object that we use in everyday life that could use some adapting. It performs a very simple function, one with no flair, yet it is one of the most commonly used objects in the world. It is designed with only one purpose in mind: let the user see their reflection. Despite the amount of time we spend looking in a mirror, it has not evolved or developed past this singular function.

We designed our product, Mira, to evolve the experience of using a mirror. Our company's mantra is to create technology that advances along with society. Our vision for the future includes the idea that every household comes along with a set of smart mirrors designed to accustom any room.

The following items are some of the features that Mira offers:

  • functional mirror

  • clock

  • weather/temperature

Mirrors are a thing of the past, we need something new at last! Introducing Mira!