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Mackenzie SyronFollow


Dr. Rober and Professor Lazowski

Participation Type

Paper Talk

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Exercise Science UG


Panel H: Academic Building HC 110

Start Day/Time

4-24-2019 12:30 PM

End Day/Time

4-24-2019 1:45 PM


Apr 24th, 12:30 PM Apr 24th, 1:45 PM

The Implications of Mass Media on the Prevalence of Eating Disorders

Panel H: Academic Building HC 110

Beauty and the idea of the perfect body is a concept that has consumed the minds of women alike for decades. The definition of what one considers beautiful is a direct reflection of the media and the beauty industry which is furthermore perpetuated through the daily, social interactions and constant conversations between individuals. Body image is an important part of self-identity and self-esteem. The ever-present media provides the constant reminder to many women that they are imperfect and has also altered individual’s approach on what to eat and when. There is virtually no point within the day where media is not integrated into our lives whether it be through the radio, in magazines, on the television, on billboards and now most recently phones and their social media platforms media can have an Orwellian influence on the dietary habits of women.


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