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Discrimination in Ballet


Professor Andrew Lazowski Professor Amanda Moras

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Paper Talk

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Panel B: Academic Building SC 122

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4-24-2019 9:30 AM

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4-24-2019 10:45 AM


Apr 24th, 9:30 AM Apr 24th, 10:45 AM

Discrimination in Ballet

Panel B: Academic Building SC 122

Discrimination and segregation have been two huge issues in American History. Going back to Plessy v. Ferguson in 1896, this case brought up the idea of “separate but equal”. Leading into the idea of the Jim Crow laws was around the time that segregation played a role. Children went to different schools, and people had different facilities based on the color of their skin. Later, the civil rights movement was initiated by Southern Blacks in 1950 to break the existence of segregation. However, this has proceeded to be an obstacle in many aspects of society. It ranged from positions on sporting teams and segregated neighborhoods, to public education and facilities. Discrimination has also made its way into the performing arts profession.


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