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Dr. Daniel Rober and Dr. Andrew Lazowski

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Paper Talk


Panel D: University Commons UC 107

Start Day/Time

4-24-2019 11:00 AM

End Day/Time

4-24-2019 12:15 PM


Apr 24th, 11:00 AM Apr 24th, 12:15 PM

How Artificial Intelligence Will Affect Law Firms?

Panel D: University Commons UC 107

This paper aims to give a fundamental understanding of how artificial intelligence will affect the legal industry. The overall purpose of the study is to explore a wide range of topics that ultimately show how AI can be the most effective in the workforce. Currently, AI has many setbacks in terms of its logical-decision making, meaning, when AI is used in our legal system, there is always legal precedence that should never be overlooked. The basic design of the study is discussing the innovative AI programs, the legal profession v. human intelligence, ethical aspects, Law School curriculum, and the global job market at law firms. I focused more on the domestic legal system in my argument, but I also touched on international statistics to help shape a broader macro outlook. As a result, we will see a multifaceted legal industry that is interdependent in many ways. Furthermore, the U.S. legal system is looking to continually improve the way AI is implemented at law firms and in court while learning how it reacts in a different geopolitical environment. In summary, my research analysis will explain how AI is useful to many law firms, but more importantly, recognize the fact that it lacks the “human individuality” in the way information is being presented.


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