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Deanna AlipertiFollow


Professor Mary Ignagni, Professor Jennifer McLaughlin

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Paper Talk

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Social Work


Panel B: Academic Building SC 122

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4-24-2019 9:30 AM

End Day/Time

4-24-2019 10:45 AM


Apr 24th, 9:30 AM Apr 24th, 10:45 AM

The Sociological, Religious, Psychological, and Media Influences on Corporal Punishment

Panel B: Academic Building SC 122

This paper offers the sociological, religious, psychological, media perspectives on the use of corporal punishment and its effects. From the sociological perspective, it has been found that factors such as one’s gender, race and culture, socioeconomic status, and the region in which someone lives can affect the prevalence of the usage of corporal punishment. From the religion perspective, it has been found that conservative religious southerners and their belief in biblical literalism influences their increased usage of corporal punishment, however, they can only partake in this under certain guidelines. Corporal punishment can also have psychological effects on those it is used on, such as increases in the level of antisocial behavior, heightened aggression and other behavioral issues such as stealing and lying. Negative effects can also be carried over into adulthood. Finally, violent media such as video games can increase aggression through learning how to be aggressive, and even short exposure to violent TV or movies results in the significant heightening of aggression. This may make it moreprobable for children to behave in aggressive or harmful ways toward others. These four perspectives can give us a more well-rounded understanding of the usage of corporal punishment and the effects it can have.


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