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Dr. Stephen Lilley

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4-24-2019 2:00 PM

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4-24-2019 5:00 PM


Apr 24th, 2:00 PM Apr 24th, 5:00 PM

The Effects of Family Structure in Childhood on Young Adult Peer Relationships

University Commons

This study investigates family structure home life and the long term consequences to quality of social relationships. My hypotheses are 1) Young adults from nontraditional parental structures will be significantly lower on quality of relationships than those that are from traditional families, 2) As the level of disruptive family experiences increase, the quality of relationships will decrease and 3) As the level of family conflict increases the quality of relationships will decrease. To test these, a quantitative, cross-sectional survey was conducted. The purposive sample consisted of 57 students from universities in the Northeast. Of three hypotheses, the third was confirmed.