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John MundayFollow


Dr. Bernadette Boyle

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Paper Talk

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Panel H: Academic Building HC 110

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4-24-2019 12:30 PM

End Day/Time

4-24-2019 1:45 PM


Apr 24th, 12:30 PM Apr 24th, 1:45 PM

Connecting the Digital Root and Trigg Operator

Panel H: Academic Building HC 110

Abstract: The purpose of this talk will be to look into the digital root of a number and the Trigg Operator and to explore any connections between the two. The Trigg Operator being the operation on the four-digit positive integer, n, where n=abcd and a≥b≥c≥d with a and d not equal, defined as T(n)=badc-cdab. While the digital root of a number, denoted as dr(n), is the process of repeatedly adding the digits of a number and the resulting sum, until the sum is a single digit. We will use different topics in Number Theory and Abstract Algebra to better understand how these two topics and their relationship.


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