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The Controversial Nature of Vaccinations


Professor Jennifer McLaughlin

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Paper Talk

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Panel K: Academic Building HC 223

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4-24-2019 12:30 PM

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4-24-2019 1:45 PM


Apr 24th, 12:30 PM Apr 24th, 1:45 PM

The Controversial Nature of Vaccinations

Panel K: Academic Building HC 223

Much of modern society is the way it is today thanks to one key advancement in medicine: the development of the vaccination. Without vaccinations, diseases such as small pox and diphtheria could be detrimental to society just as they had been in 18th century Europe (Riedel 2005). Despite their beneficial effect on mankind, many people still question their existence and protest their use. This is due to the influential role of mass media in todays society. The media has allowed misconceptions regarding vaccinations to spread through society at the touch of a button thanks to the easy access of social media and news-outlets from technology. Despite the medias role in vaccination rates, culture and social characteristics has also been shown to have an effect on vaccination rates. In order to successfully overcome the controversial nature of vaccinations, we must utilize the media in a positive way, form educational outreach programs, and provide opportunities for low-income areas.


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