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We report the isolation and sequencing of MTJ1, a 1792-bp cDNA from an M27 murine lung carcinoma cell line. The largest ORF within MTJ1 encodes a 63,869-Da protein, containing a 73-amino-acid (aa) sequence (the J domain) that is conserved in proteins of the DnaJ family of chaperonins. The J domain of MTJ1 is bracketed by potential transmembrane domains in a similar configuration to the J domain of the yeast DnaJ-like protein, SEC63. Polyclonal antibodies raised against deduced aa sequences within MTJ1 recognized antigens of 62, 42 and 41 kDa that were enriched in the nuclear and heavy microsome subcellular fractions of murine tumor cells. Northern analysis detected a major 3.2-kb transcript that was present in all murine organs examined, but was relatively underexpressed in brain and heart.





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