Using Optimal Transport to Improve Spherical Harmonic Quantification of Complex Biological Shapes

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The knowledge of the anatomical shape of both gross and microscopic structures is the key to understanding the effects of disease processes on cellular structure. Geometric morphometric methods, such as Procrustes superimposition, and Spherical Harmonics (SPHARM), have been used to capture the biological shape variation and group differences in morphology. Previous SPHARM-MAT techniques use the CALD algorithm to parameterize the mesh surface. It starts from initial mapping and performs local and global smoothing methods alternately to control the area and length distortions simultaneously. However, this parameterization may not be sufficient in complex morphological cases. To bridge this gap, we propose SPHARM-OT, an enhanced SPHARM surface modeling method using optimal transport (OT) for spherical parameterization. First, the genus 0 3D objects are conformally mapped onto a sphere. Then the optimal transport theory via spherical power diagram is introduced to minimize the area distortion. This new algorithm can effectively reduce the area distortion and lead to a better reconstruction result. We demonstrate the effectiveness of the method by applying it to the human sphenoidal paranasal sinuses.


2022 IEEE International Conference on Bioinformatics and Biomedicine (BIBM) , Las Vegas, NV.



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