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Population studies of the Gigartinaceae (Rhodophyta) have often observed that the ratio of gametophytes to tetrasporophytes varies with the location of the population or the time of sampling. For some species, patterns have emerged that correlate this ratio to one or a few particular environmental variables, such as elevation, wave exposure, or season. Identifying these distributional patterns is an important step towards understanding what (if any) ecological differences exist between the two free-living life history stages.

The purpose of this study was to measure the ratio of gametophytes to tetrasporophytes of intertidal populations of Chondrus crispus across a decreasing salinity gradient from Rhode Island Sound, Rhode Island to Long Island Sound, Connecticut.


Originally published:

Guidone, Michele and Sean Grace. "The Ratio of Gametophytes to Tetrasporophytes of Intertidal Chondrus Crispus (Gigartinaceae) Across a Salinity Gradient." Rhodora 112 (n.949) (2010): 80-84.