In-vivo Confirmation of A-alpha Mating-type Identity Predicted from Genomic Sequences in Schizophyllum Commune

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Shizophyllum commune is a mushroom-forming fungus that has long-served as a model system for investigating the molecular control of development through study of its complex mating system. The A mating-type loci, Aa and Ap, contribute to partial determination of self vs. nonself partners during the initial step in sexual development. The Aa locus has been extensively studied and encodes homeodomain proteins that interact to alter expression of genes required for sexual development. We have analyzed the predicted genes of the Aa locus in the genomes of two strains of S. commune of unknown mating type and formulated hypotheses concerning their mating-type identity based on comparison to previously characterized mating-type loci of known identity. The results of our in-silico analysis will be presented along with progress in confirming these predictions in vivo.


Eastern Colleges Science Conference, Wilkes-Barre, PA April 2017. C-52. Program retrieved from

Mentored by Kirk Bartholomew.

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