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Coptic Orthodox Christians might often be hesitant or even reluctant to speak in terms of ethics, since the language of ethics challenges the integrity between orthodoxy and orthopraxy. Generally, Western and Eastern approaches to ethics have had their pros and cons: systematization characteristic of the former has led to deep analyses of complex topics, but has often fragmented otherwise composite topics that require interdependence for the most accurate assessment. In contrast, non-fragmentation typical of the latter has preserved the holistic reality that characterizes the complexity of truths, but it has not always allowed for the same depth of analysis as that engaged in Western systematic ethics.


Chapter in Churches and Moral Discernment, vol. 1 Learning from Traditions, Faith and Order Paper Series no. 228, ed. Vladimir Shmaliy and Myriam Wijlens.

Version posted is the author's prepublication manuscript.

ISBN- 9782825417355



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