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Spring 2007


With the proliferation of online learning into the K-12 learning environment, the focus of investigation needs to shift specific studies that pertain to this environment. One such area of investigation surrounds the development of specific online course content and the individualized learning styles of the students in these online learning environments. This review focuses upon the vast body of literature for the post-secondary online learner and argues the case for additional research in K-12 education. While recent studies have started the process of changing this focus, as online learning becomes more prevalent and accepted as a means of learning at the K-12 level, instructional designers and e-teachers must account for the fact that learning styles of K-12 learners will require different approaches to the delivery of online instruction.


Published: Cooze, M., & M. K. Barbour. "Learning styles: A focus upon e-learning practices and their implications for successful instructional design." Journal of Applied Educational Technology 4.1 (2007): 7-20.

At the time of publication, Michael K. Barbour was affilitated with University of Georgia.



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