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K-12 Online Learning has exponentially grown in the last 15 years. An estimated 1.2 million K-12 students took online classes last year; 45 states currently have some form of online learning at the state-level; and some states mandate some sort of online experience prior to high school graduation. Given its dramatic growth and ubiquity in K-12 schooling, it is critical that administrators learn more about K-12 schooling and the role it may play in their district or building. Unfortunately, there is not one single model of K-12 online schooling. Therefore, there is not one suggested set of recommendations, learnings, or best practices administrators should pay attention to. The purpose of this chapter is to introduce administrators to some of the more generic models of K-12 virtual schooling, the new roles that are created with this innovative form of teaching and learning, and any research that might impact decision-making at the building or district levels.



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