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Over the past decade, the proliferation of technology in the realm of teaching has occurred at a phenomenal rate. From the smallest integration of technology into the classroom to entire courses being taught in an online environment, the use of computers by students and teachers has continued to increase.

This paper considers student use of an online discussion forum in a second year Biology course and how that participation may be an indicator of increased student success in the course. The authors discuss how participation in the online discussion forum is a form of public writing in which the students need to have an understanding of the topic about which they are writing. It is this practice of writing with a clear understanding that may increase students' success in the course and not simply the use of online communications.


Barbour, M. K., & Collins, M. (2003). Online writing as a form of electronic communication in a second year biology course. Media and Technology for Human Resource Development:Journal of Educational Technology, 14 (1-2), 33-42.