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The electronic conference, Bits and Bytes: An Online Symposium on the Evolution of Technology in Education, was a joint initiative of the Faculty of Education at Memorial University of Newfoundland and the Centre for Advanced Placement Education at Discovery Collegiate. The format of this electronic conference (e-conference) was similar to that of an on-site conference, with a call for submissions, a peer-reviewed processing of these proposals, and a presentation of the accepted proposals. However, the participants of this e-conference never met in a specific locale in a synchronous time frame, as is the case with traditional conferences. The authors and participants interacted in a virtual sense, with presentations, commentary and feedback taking place in an asynchronous time frame.


Published: Glassman, Marc and Michael K. Barbour. "Conferencing: An Exploration into Connectivity, Content, and Community." International Electronic Journal for Leadership in Learning 8.4 (2004).

At the time of publication Michael K. Barbour was associated with University of Georgia, Athens. He is now a professor of Education at Sacred Heart University.



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