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The paper describes the accomplishments of a select number of distinguished scholars who advanced the cause of the history of education. The evolution of this field of study and inquiry followed its own unique path in the United States, and that at certain moments its trajectory was influenced by the thoughts and actions of celebrated professionals. Each individual contributed in a distinctive way, by either deepening or broadening the study of educational history in educator preparation programs, or by encouraging disciplined research and research-related activities in the area. In this latter endeavor, scholarship was often enhanced by making resources available through published venues and by promoting policies that supported historical investigations and strengthened the preparation of educational researchers.

O trabalho descreve as contribuicoes de um grupo de ilustres estudiosos no campo de estudo da história da educação. Cada indivíduo contribuiu de forma distinta, aprofundando ou ampliando o estudo da história da educação em programas de formacao de educadores, ou incentivando a pesquisa e atividades relacionadas à pesquisa na área.