The Ultimate School Counselor’s Guide to Assessment & Data Collection

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Written specifically for school counselors and those in training, this is the first book to highlight the use of assessment and data collection to effectively advocate for student success. It bridges the gap in relevant knowledge and skills by not only delineating the requirements for formulating a data-driven approach, but also presenting actual assessments that can immediately be implemented. Underscoring the professional and ethical responsibilities of practicing school counselors to be data-driven, the book delivers the guidance and instruments needed to access multiple levels of data. This includes individual student data, school-level data, school counseling program-level data, or data regarding the school counselors' practices or beliefs. This practical, user-friendly book is organized step-by-step, starting with foundational knowledge and progressing towards application. It introduces readers to both formal and informal assessments and provides examples of how to integrate assessments within comprehensive school counseling programs (CSCP). It addresses a variety of approaches to assessments and data collection across the domains of academic, career, and social-emotional development, and examines needs assessment and program evaluation to drive the development and implementation of a CSCP. Additionally, the resource explains each type of data, reinforced with examples across domains and school levels. Also included are technology tools that can aid in the assessment and data collection process as well as accountability reporting.


ISBN: 9780826185532 (Print); 9780826185549 (eBook)