Employing Counselors as Personal Trainers to Evoke Significant Life Changes

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Counselors play a crucial part in helping their clients make significant life changes. Making long-lasting changes in one's life can take a considerable amount of time and effort, however. Counselors may, at times, experience frustration by the lack of progress their clients are making. When this happens, it may be helpful for counselors to consider how the therapeutic process is similar to being a personal trainer. In this chapter, the author discusses how the "counselor as personal trainer" metaphor may help counselors manage the expectations they have for their clients in making significant life changes. This metaphor may also help counselors consider their own unique personal qualities that they can use to leverage the change-making process for their clients.


9781003196266 (eBook); 9781032050522 (hardcover); 9781032050515 (paperback)

Rebekah Reysen was affiliated with The University of Mississippi when this book was researched and written.

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