“I Am Unsure Where to Draw the Line”: Writing Conferences, Language Ideologies, and the Student Teacher/Cooperating Teacher Relationship

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The author analyzes a case study of one pre-service teacher's reflections from her experiences student teaching in order to think through some of the issues teacher educators face when supporting pre-service teachers to become teachers of writing. Findings reveal that, as this pre-service teacher developed a critical stance that acknowledged the linguicism she witnessed in her student teaching placement, she also struggled with how to actualize her learning to address deficit language ideologies in writing conferences and to communicate her beliefs about “appropriateness” to her cooperating teacher. Recommendations for supporting pre-service teachers as they continue to develop as writing teachers and educators capable of recognizing and disrupting linguicism are provided.


In Handbook of Research on Teacher Practices for Diverse Writing Instruction.

ISBN: 9781668462133; EISBN: 9781668462140

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