Faculty Peer Coaching in Higher Education: Partnerships to Support Improved Instructional Practices

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Informed by research and experience, this book is a guide to developing, launching, and refining faculty peer coaching initiatives in higher education with the goal of improving instructional practice and student learning outcomes. Peer coaching is a collaborative, reciprocal practice where faculty members observe, reflect, and improve their instructional practices leading to increased learning for all students. Research has shown that peer coaching can positively impact teaching practices, especially when coupled with other professional learning. This book provides a rationale for peer coaching as an effective strategy for faculty development, outlines a model for peer coaching, and supplies readers with support in the creation of a robust peer coaching initiative in institutions of higher education. Peer coaching has the potential for significant culture and community change for faculty members which can lead to improved student learning.


ISBN: 9798887301549 (Paperback), 9798887301563 (eBook)

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