edTPA as Educative, Evaluative, and Enduring Professional Tool for Guiding Teachers’ Development?

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Peer-Reviewed Article

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The edTPA is an educative performance assessment designed to assess teacher readiness. It has gained momentum across the country; yet, it has often met with resistance from educators in various roles. This study addressed the gap in edTPA literature by exploring new teachers’ perceptions of the assessment as an educative and efficacious tool. The researchers explored: 1) What are novice teachers’ levels of self-efficacy regarding readiness to teach as measured by the edTPA Teacher Survey? and 2) How do novice teachers perceive the edTPA process as an influence on their professional practices? A major outcome revealed new teachers are using mastery experiences to build efficacy and hone their craft in spite of their edTPA experience. Recommendations include a re-tooling of the edTPA process with pre-service candidates to ensure meaningful long-term value and prompt in-service development for new teachers.


Kathleen Wallace was affiliated with University of Bridgeport when the article was written.