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Book review by Jim Carl:

Hickling-Hudson, Anne, Julie Matthews, and Annette Woods, eds. Disrupting Preconceptions: Postcolonialism and Education. Brisbane: Post Pressed, 2004.

ISBN 1-876682-56-6

The book grew out of a conference held in August 2001 at the University of Queensland in Brisbane, Australia. It is composed of a collection of thirteen essays that address postcolonialism in education. The presenters examine the postcolonial in educational structures and practices in Asia, Africa, North America, and Australia, but the colonial legacy remains—the language of the conference is English, the publisher is Australian, and the book is printed in Great Britain.

Overall, this collection helps us to consider postcolonial education in many of its complexities, beyond simple dichotomies of formal education as nation builder and modernizer, on the one hand, or education as reproducer of colonial domination, on the other.


Originally published:

Carl, Jim. "Disrupting Preconceptions: Postcolonialism And Education." Comparative Education Review50.1 (2006): 154-156.



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