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Robotics engineering courses have provided undergraduate computer science students with opportunities for designing and programming simulations of robotic tasks. In contrast, many teacher preparation programs have lacked courses in this area. Educators who have not gained a conceptual understanding of computer programming may not possess the skills that would have enabled them to successfully integrate robotics technologies into their K-8 curriculum.

Recent technological advances have provided a viable means of approaching this problem. Several icon-orientated robotics technologies have been identified that allow educators to master computer programming concepts through a simplified graphical user interface (GUI) design.

This investigation addressed the need for a graduate level course that would enable K-8 educators to receive professional development training in the area of robotics technologies. An examination of the current best practices in robotics education has been conducted. Software usability and human factors have been discussed in terms of the suitability of commercially available robotics products for educators having no prior computer programming experience. Suggestions for curricular design and future research in the area of robotics were offered.



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