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This article is a call-and-response-type conversation between two women—educators, mothers, lovers of words—on the representation of books about children of color in literature and language arts textbooks for preservice teachers. Scroggins shares anecdotes on the experience and real-life effects of invisibility, misrepresentation, and underrepresentation; her comments are italicized. Gangi reviews select textbooks and booklists. Both comment on the state of multiculturalism in children's literature.

Parts of this article were presented at the conference "Color, Hair, and Bone: The Persistence of Race into the 21st Century," held at Bucknell University on September 27, 2002. Other parts are adapted from Encountering Children's Literature: An Arts Approach, by Jane M. Gangi (Boston: Allyn & Bacon, 2004).


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Gangi, Jane M. "Paul Laurence Who?" MultiCultural Review 13.3 (Fall 2004): 34-43. Copyright 2004, the Goldman Group. Used by permission.



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