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This case study investigated the perceptions of Māori students in the Virtual Learning Network of what constituted effective strategies for engaging them in online learning. In the FarNet cluster, about 63 students from the four secondary and five area schools access the VLN, and approximately 80 percent of those students are of Māori descent. Data collection included online surveys, semi-structured interviews, and observation of online classrooms. The data suggested there was a variety of delivery models experienced by students, most supported by the learning management system. Students identified a range of Web 2.0 strategies currently used by their e-teachers, and suggested that additional opportunities to collaborate and communicate would engage them further. Based on these findings, we recommend professional development for e-teachers based on learning to use these emerging tools, and better preparation of e-students for working in an online learning environment.



Bennett, C, & Barbour, M. K. (2012). "The FarNet journey: Perceptions of Māori students engaged in secondary online learning." Journal of Open, Flexible and Distance Learning, 16.1 (2012): 83–98.