Foreign Language, Level II Spanish Curriculum

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Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT)




This study recognizes and contributes to the solution of the following educational problem: During the last dozen years, Regional District No. 9 of Easton/Redding, Connecticut (consisting of a high school and two middle schools) has had no unifying curriculum or texts in the Spanish program. By 1981, the program was no longer serving the broad student population, with diverse learning skills, who were enrolling in Spanish. The study traces within the relevant literature (1) the need for curricula in general and in Spanish, (2) the status of Spanish curricula, (3) diverse samples of Spanish programs already developed to meet the needs of the local populations, (4) the roles of basic skills and culture in Spanish curricula, and (5) the recognition of modern goals in Spanish curricula. The study presents a specific Level II Spanish curriculum guide for the Scott-Foresman series, Plazas y paisajes, which is coordinated with and extends the Level I curriculum previously established in the system by the author. The Level II curriculum is presented in the context of the goals and objectives which have been adopted for the foreign language department and for language programs at each level. Understanding and use of this Level II Spanish Curriculum Study will insure that a wider range of students can benefit from the study of Spanish, and will provide a more equal opportunity to learn for each of them. The curriculum serves as a framework for the teacher who will implement it in his or her creative way to meet the needs of the individual student.


Master's thesis submitted to the faculty of Sacred Heart University's School of Education in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Master of Teaching.

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