Molten Nitrite Eutectics: The Reaction of Four Ianthanide(III) Chlorides

Dhia A. Habboush, Sacred Heart University
D. H. Kerridge, University of Southampton
S. A. Tariq, La Trobe University


Cerium(III) chloride reacted with sodium nitrite—potassium nitrite eutectic, initially in the solid state but more rapidly on melting, to form cerium(IV) oxide, while lanthanum(III) chloride, praseodymium(III) chloride and europium(III) chloride reacted, very largely in the liquid state, undergoing anion exchange and a partial Lux—Flood acid—base reaction to form oxide nitrites (LnONO2) initially. At higher temperatures the latter two chlorides reacted further to form the oxides (Pr6O11 and Eu2O3, respectively). In lithium nitrite—potassium nitrite eutectic, the course of the reactions was similar but the temperatures at which reaction commenced were lower.