'From a Land Beyond the Wave': Connecticut's Irish Rebels 1798-1916

'From a Land Beyond the Wave': Connecticut's Irish Rebels 1798-1916


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Throughout its prolonged struggle for nationhood, Ireland consistently drew upon the physical and moral support of its sizable diaspora, especially those who, as result of social, economic, political, and religious factors, had settled in North America. This support is recognized in 'The Soldiers Song', written by Peadar Kearney in 1907 and adopted as the country's national anthem in 1926. The song's chorus pays tribute to the steadfast efforts made by Irish Americans to the cause of Irish independence, noting, 'Soldiers are we, whose lives are pledged to Ireland. Some have come from a land beyond the wave.' In From a Land Beyond the Wave, Hogan and Mahoney uncover the hitherto untold story of the Irish in Connecticut, who time and again offered their support to the various efforts for Irish independence. This fascinating collection conveys the tales of both the revolutionary actions of the Irish diaspora who settled or spent time in Connecticut, and well-known Irish political and military figures who visited and impacted the state's Irish communities.



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Connecticut Irish-American Historical Society


Irish, Connecticut, United States, History, Civil War


American Studies | Celtic Studies | Cultural History | United States History


Patrick J. Mahoney is an alumnus of Sacred Heart University and was an adjunct instructor of History and Irish Studies at SHU from 2014 to 2016.

'From a Land Beyond the Wave': Connecticut's Irish Rebels 1798-1916