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This exploratory, qualitative research study examined the perceptions and attitudes police officers expressed regarding successful implementation of the Lethality Assessment Protocol (LAP), a collaborative intervention between police departments and domestic violence advocacy agencies in the State of Connecticut. Focus groups were conducted at four police departments to determine officers’ perceptions of the LAP. Officers (N=27) were recruited through an individual contact at the police department (LAP Coordinator). Responses to focus group questions identified both aggravating and mitigating factors related to the system-wide and departmental execution of the LAP in domestic violence cases. Officers generally support the protocol and believe it has beneficial intent and purpose. The two major themes gleaned from the research study included implementation and training. Barriers discovered were victim blaming, lack of victim cooperation, and poor training. Positive areas identified included strong commitment to training initiatives, robust relationships between LAP Coordinators and domestic violence agency representatives, and individual officer style regarding their implementation of LAP.


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