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Technological advancements are constantly changing the world we live in. These advancements are not only changing how we work but also the security of our workplace. High level white collar crime is rapidly becoming a fact of corporate life. Businesses want to avoid becoming victims of these white collar criminals so they attempt to institute controls on all aspects of their operations. These controls are far from 100% effective. Businesses need to take a different approach to the prevention of white collar crime. Perhaps more effective prevention programs can be developed by exploring the various theories of crime causation and applying these theories to business practices. Since crime is perpetrated by human beings, it is important to understand what causes individuals to engage in such behavior. This understanding would lead to more effective methods of prevention. This paper will examine several behavioral sciences theories as they relate to the development and prevention of white collar crime. It will also provide a more effective plan for preventing white collar crime.


Originally published:

Jacobs, Pearl and Linda Schain. "Preventing security breaches in business.” Journal of Comprehensive Research (2010), 8, 49-55.



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