Improved Monostatic Pulse Radar Design Using Ultra Wide Band for Range Estimation

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A mono static pulse radar is a type of radar in which its transmitter and receiver are collocated. It uses the same antenna to transmit and receive echo signals. This paper focusses on the design of monostatic pulse radar using Ultra Wide band. In this design, we use the transmitter which sends a pulse that hits the target and the receiver receives the echo signal where it can estimate the target's range. A monostatic radar can track a target from 3 to 5 km without any false alarm. The challenge in this paper is to increase the detection range from 4 km to 8 km and enhance the probability of detection using 10 GHz frequency band. It operates in the range of Ultra-Wide Band (UWB) Spectrum of 10 GHz frequency. Also, it is required to minimize the probability of false alarm which is to be in the order of 10-6. The design is simulated using the MATLAB tool. The simulation results show that the range estimation is increased by at least 200 % maintaining a constant probability of false alarm.