A Novel Amperometric Sweat Sensor Approach Through Characterization of Hausmannite (Mn3O4) Thin Films

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Peer-Reviewed Article

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Nanostructured metal oxides offer unique advantages for their sensing capabilities hence have been studied immensely. In the context of Mn3O4 films, this study focuses on the sweat sensing prospects of these advanced materials using SILAR method, for the first time. Mn3O4 films were successfully produced with varying thicknesses using SILAR method effectively. This repeatable process allowed these films to be tested in varying artificial sweat concentrations and it was found that Mn3O4 films are very responsive to varying sweat concentrations. Morphological, structural, and optical measurements showed the successful growth of Mn3O4 films with good uniformity, crystallinity, and smooth surface characteristics. Amperometric measurements with and without sweat concentrations showed that Mn3O4 films can indeed be used for sweat sensing applications.